Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finding My Passion

I find myself asking myself the same question everyday: What do I want? What do I want to do? What do I want to be? What will make me wake up everyday and bounce out of bed, excited to go to work?

For the last 8 years I've worked in the same field doing almost the same thing everyday. It's a thankless job and no matter what you do someone always hates you for it. Not to mention at my current place of employment I can never seem to get anything right. As soon as I get something down, it changes or someone changes their minds about the way it should be done. I get up every morning and fuss because I have to go to work. I sit at a computer and click for 8 hours and get absolutely nothing fulfilling from my job. My favorite thing about my job is the fact that I get to do some volunteer work. I'm also on the birthday committee so I regularly get to plan lunches and bake cupcakes.

Today was a slow day for me so I had plenty of time between my screens loading to think about the things I enjoy doing. I love reading - but I really don't know how to make money doing that. I love to write, but that's mostly something I do for myself. I love modeling and I frequently do photo shoots to build my portfolio, but it takes lots of hard work to be a model. Not to mention the constant dieting and scrutiny that takes a toll on your self esteem.

So I've been thinking about baking. My coworkers call me the Queen of Cupcakes and everyone looks forward to me bringing them in. My cupcakes have even been requested between parties. So here's my plan for the next few months:

1 - Go ahead and go back to school. I never finished my degree and I would like to have it. I took my CPT today and will be making an appointment with my registrar tomorrow.

2 - Develop my own cake recipes. This might take a while. I want to have a recipe that I can call my own.

3 - Research bakeries and opening a business. Look for an internship at a local bakery to get experience in the business.

Hopefully having something of my own to do will keep me occupied in the other 8 hours of my day!